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With more than 18 years of healing and counseling experience, Anna Rita can intuitively assist you in removing old limitations and struggle, provide you with tools and techniques to empower yourself and help you to move  forward on your journey of wholeness and expansion.
Incorporating several modalities including flower and crystal essence therapy, dowsing, muscle testing, intuitive guidance and energy healing, Anna Rita can help you to get on the fast track to embrace and integrate more of your soul’s light and take action in fulfilling your soul’s purpose.
As a spiritual consultant and energetic healing facilitator based in Sedona, Arizona, Anna Rita is dedicated to promoting self-empowerment, evolution of consciousness and responsibility for co-creating Heaven on Earth.


Tools for Transformation

High Frequency Flower and Crystal Essences, Elixirs and Blends, Remote Energy Clearing Transmissions.

Generated with Intention and Sacred Ceremony in the powerful vortices of Sedona, Arizona

Sedona Sacred Arts

Office Hours:
Monday through Saturday 8AM to 6PM Arizona Time

480 442-3206


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